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If you are a global leader (to be), who is ready to upgrade their identity, navigate through life with a clear intention and create a heart-lead life & biz with impact – then you are absolutely right here.

Meet your Coach.

I am Lena, a 30 years old German, travel bug, entrepreneur, inner world & eft practitioner, life & success coach, content creator, pilates instructor, hug giver, active listener… and founder of this consultancy company. In the last 4 years, I have re-created my life several times, from social science graduate, to campaign manager, business master degree, marketing freelancer, Online Studio owner and life & business coach – and I would all do it again. I truly believe in the power of intuitive, even if unconventional, life paths, following a direction that makes sense to you – thus, will to others too. 

My Coaching Programs were created to help (fe)male leaders (to be), who are ready to re-create their life & biz in integrity with their being, to make a positive impact in this lifetime. 

You want to change, but you don't know where to start?


With my 1-1 “The Creative Expressionist” Program, we’ll work closely together over a course of 3-6 months, in which I will guide and support you translating your individual potential and skillset into a fulfilled life path – cultivating a system that supports your uniqueness, far from overwhelm, imposter and unhealthy (work) environments. 

Personalized 1:1 coaching with mindful work habits that support your way to an heart-lead life & biz.

Including, but not limited to…



Understand your current self-talk and habits in order to shift your mindset into a new reality. Allow all your dreams to become true.



Instead of limiting yourself to a niche that doesn’t feel aligned, identify your individual mixture of talents that allow you to tell stories passionately.



Master all technology, online platforms and communication skills to grow a loyal online, and offline community that got your back. 



Learn how to integrate your learnings & lessons to lead with integrity that which will create ripples, inspiring your surrounding in their individual journey.

Free Heart Frequency Meditation

It’s incredible what you can create once you’re in tune with your truest self, your intuition – your heart frequency. This meditation guides you through a 20 minutes journey, towards your higher self, helping you to create from a state of ease and certainty. 

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