Meet your Coach: Lena

I teach my students how to get crystal clear in their dream life vision, to re-connect to their most authentic truth and how to re-wire their thoughts, to create an outstanding offer & business that serves real-life problems & attracts dream client relationships.

The end result is a lifestyle in freedom, satisfaction and meaningful relationships.

My teaching approach comes from experience, a bachelors degree in social sciences and masters degree in media & business. I’ve re-created my life by moving countries over 10 times, converting knowledge from previous experiences at corporate company & media agency into 2 years of Freelancing in Marketing & now 4 years of Online Entrepreneurship.

Everything you believe is true.

Hi, I am Lena​

When I first started off my entrepreneurship, I had a bit of a dilemma. The covid crisis came around the corner. If I wanted my business to succeed, I had to find a way to earn a living without the need of in-person contact. I had to become location independent and went online.

When I first started my business and invested immediately into business coaching, most of my family and friends didn’t understand what I was doing or why I invested so much time & money into it. I learned that not everyone will understand what you feel called to do in this world.  

With the support of my coach, I started off without a real marketing or strategy plan, but huge passion and clear vision. I achieved my goals, served thousands of students and clients, and outgrew my past selfs over an over again until I realized: I get to think in bigger visions.   

I had many success moments, hit some pretty good deals, but also had many low moments, hit clearly rock bottom. My community, healthy boundaries, strong belief, intuition, curiosity, hunger for learning and greater vision helped to keep me going so that I can share those lessons I’ve learned with you today. 

Fun Facts about me

My full name is Anna Lena Heuel but my parents decided to call me by my second name.

I am a hug giver – research shows that 12 hugs a day make you a happier person.

I was part of a youth parliament in my home-town, to fight for children’s rights. 

My first job was triggered by my naive 16 years old self, taking her brand new camera to a night out which was then stolen. This made me apply for a job to pay for a new camera.