… to your transformative journey—a path that leads you from feeling overwhelmed by life’s or business demands to mastering your own destiny with clarity and confidence. 

Imagine living a life where your heart leads, supported by healthy structures and an environment that empowers you.

This is not just a dream; it’s possible, and I’m here to unpack it with you, bit by bit!


With integrity, ease, and creativity, you show up, lead, and provide value in your area of expertise!

You’re excited about your projects, and you’ve worked through the mindset blockages, starter limbo and lack of strategy keeping you from showing yourself, staying consistent, and authentic.

Which in turn creates a flow of organic leads, without the need for paid marketing, a fancy website or complex funnels. 

You rise to the front line of a fast-growing industry without cutting down your message or changing your vibe, nor vision – because you know what you stand for &

never ever ever compromise on that for money, fame or status. 

Because you are – living in integrity, leading from your heart & creating transcendent impact in this world.



Feel trapped in working structures you actually tried to get away from by deciding on your entrepreneurial journey (or changing to a new job). 

Struggle with overwhelm, comparison with other creators in the industry, imposter syndrome and mindset blocks that keep you from identifying your expertise & fully owning your zone of genius.

Miss the mark on positioning, branding and expressing your unique voice, by running after the seemingly successful ones, asking for the next “step by step guide” on how to lead your life & business, where everything you asked for lays within yourself.

Continue to struggle with putting yourself out there, believing that social media runs you and your business, rather than the other way around and staying blind to other avenues for visibility!


My approach blends education, personal growth, and continuous support to help you create a life that truly resonates with your heart’s desires.



Giving yourself the space to create your own ideas, by gaining clarity on what sets you on fire, drawing the bigger picture and finding confidence within your path that attracts and amplifies your connection with your self and community.



Share your ideas with intention and strategy, creating irresistible experiences for people who you know how to market, and go deep with through your unique selling proposition aka. your individual superpower. Enjoy a sweet blend of leadership development & deep mindset work that ripple out into your personal life too.



You embody your role as a leader: your actions affect others and you desire to influence them in a positive way. You hold a vision for your life, for your clients, for the world, that does not yet exist – you are one of the crazy ones who takes action and believes WITHOUT evidence.


During our time together, we’ll dive deep into the core of who you are, unraveling limiting beliefs and conditioning that hold you back from success. Through personalized coaching sessions, intuitive guidance, and practical strategies, we’ll unlock your full potential and create a roadmap for sustainable growth.

This mentoring experience is perfect for you if you’re ready to break free from old patterns, embrace your authenticity, and step into your power as a leader. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out on your journey, this program will provide you with the tools, support, and inspiration to thrive.

1-1 coaching





Growing up, my life was a mix of music, martial arts, and moving houses. Inspired by books about adventures abroad, I always dreamed of living overseas.

After high school, plans to become an au pair in San Francisco fell through, leading me to explore different careers while supported by my entrepreneurial parents. I ended up studying Social Sciences, which I loved, but after graduating, writing my thesis with Carl Zeiss Germany, the corporate world felt disconnected.

This pushed me to travel and reflect, returning with a clear goal to become a Pilates teacher and delve into media management. Despite a creative job at MediaCom, the dissatisfaction I saw around me made me want more. I moved to Rotterdam for a master’s degree in Media & Business, started my own company with a coach’s help, and survived financial and emotional crises while refusing to settle for just any job.

Today, I coach young entrepreneurs and professionals to find their true path and lead fulfilling lives, turning from being a victim of circumstances to creating opportunities.

My journey taught me it’s not about chasing wealth or status but embracing your own unique path.

Still got some questions?

Check if you find your answers in our frequently asked questions or otherwise don’t shy away from sending us an email.

The program contains 12x (3 months) or 24x (6 months) weekly calls which we can plan individually, whenever it fits for you and me. Usually, I open up my calendar for 2 months in advance so that you can schedule yourself in. Apart from those calls, I might give you homework or extra material to learn from, which will be as much, or as little, as the individual timeframe allows. 

We will discuss the length of the collaboration throughout our check-in call, depending on goals, next action steps and what would make the most sense for you to achieve those outcomes.

First of all: I cheers to you, brave soul, for showing up for your dreams!! Can’t wait to get to know you more so soon, which essentially is what would happen after I’ve received your answers. I’ll invite you for a check-in call so we can get to know each other, check where you’re at right now, what you wish for to change and how I can help you with that. After we both decide to give it a go, we handle the paperwork, and start creating your life worth living! 🙂

For 3 months, you look at €2.222 (incl.) and for 6 months at €4.222 (incl.). We offer 2x, 6x, 12x months payment plans for both options that you can discuss with Lena personally. Business invoice available. 

For you as a young professional, for you as a business starter or also for entrepreneurs who have been in their businesses for a while now – anyone who is ready for a different outcome in their life and business that feels more fulfilled, more aligned and impactful. If that’s you, but you don’t know what you could do differently, and you have probably tried different pathways already – you most certainly leave this space with more clarity on your next steps. 

Let’s create a life worth living!